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Our laser is very effective in eliminating vascular problems and in most cases one to two sessions is all that is required. We have obtained amazing results on red spider veins in the nose area, where the veins sometimes vanish in front of our eyes! The treatment of leg veins can be a very gratifying experience for both men and women, especially for the person with spider red vessels.

The Cynosure Elite+ laser targets only the haemoglobin in the vessel while protecting the surrounding skin. The targeted spider vein is coagulated causing it to collapse and forcing your body to absorb and repair the area.

frequently asked questions

Is the treatment safe?

Yes it is safe, effective and has been approved by the FDA.

Do I need to plan for time off for the treatments?

There isn’t downtime with this treatment. The areas of pigmentation will become darker and then flake off. Please note it will get worse before it gets better and it can be roughly between 10 – 14 days before this wears off.

Is the treatment suitable for every skin type?

This treatment is available for Fitzpatrick skin types I-V.

What does the treatment feel like?

Most people compare the sensation to that of a rubber band flick.

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